Crazy Contact Lenses for Halloween

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to give everyone a quick shoutout about my favorite season of the year - that's right, it's HALLOWEEN SEASON!

I'd been having some difficulty making some links out work at some of my other sites and wanted to give everyone the opportunity to great some amazing and crazy contact lenses for halloween this year!

Check Out All These CRAZY Contacts!

Electric Blue (my favorite)

Pink (So HOTT!)

Crazy Contacts Are Safe

Crazy contact lenses are safe, and have been used for fun and fashion by thousands of satisfied customers. It is a good idea to follow basic safety proceedures for wearing contact lenses - after all, putting stuff in your eye is serious business. If you're going to have fun, make sure to keep your contacts clean and store them properly when not in use. Further, ALWAYS WASH YOUR HANDS before handling your fashion contact lenses.

Where Have You Seen Crazy Contact Lenses Before?

If you are any kind of movie-goer at all, you are sure to have seen mirrored contact lenses in a number of movies, including The Chronicles of Riddick, Star Wars - The Phantom Menace, and any number of recent Vampire movies.

Face it, they just look too d*** cool.