Find a Cheap Plus Size Wedding Dress

You won't find a cheap plus size wedding dress anywhere on "Say Yes to the Dress" but you may find something to suit your needs here. While every bride is beautiful and deserves the very best on their wedding day - not everyone has the infinite deep pockets to buy the latest Vera Wang. On the other hand each an every one of us deserves to look absolutely gorgeous on our special day - so where can the rest of us find a happy medium which will make us look great but not leave us destitute for the next 30 years? Maybe the answer lies somewhere in this mixed slideshow we have put together for you.

How Much Does a Cheap Wedding Dress Cost?

While you may be dreading the final tally on what a decent pretty wedding dress will cost - truth is you do not have to spend thousands of dollars to look beautiful - whether you are a plus-size woman or not. The truth is that there are numerous designers out there making lovely gowns that (once discounted as seen above) can be purchased for under $200 in most cases.

What Styles Can I Find in Plus-Size?

There are a wide range of styles available to choose from - above we have selected gowns that range from a mermaid fit to a-line, strapless gowns or V-necked, and even a sweetheart neckline. As you might imagine you may not see all the lavish bells-and-whistles common to "Say Yes to the Dress" but on the other hand what you can imagine is seeing yourself in the full-length mirror in a stunning gown as you prepare to take your walk down the aisle. Personally I am extremely pleased with this quick selection I have found for you. Click on any of the images above and see bigger images of the gowns with links out to even more wonderful (and inexpensive) wedding gowns. Bridesmaid gowns are also available. Go look gorgeous already!