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Tattoo Laser Removal - Painful and Pricey?

Tattoo laser removal is one way your new boyfriend can get that stupid girl's name off his chest (literally), but is that really the best way for your man to lose that offensive ink? Word here is that the answer is probably "no" - that there are better alternatives that leave less scarring and are equally effective.

The nice thing about these other methods (think tattoo removal rejuvi) is that like tattoo laser removal they are still painful enough to remind your man of the mistake he made for several weeks as the skin heals.

I know I'm cruel, but face it, he deserves it and a good lesson once in a while will keep him thinking twice before making big mistakes.

Tattoo Laser Removal - Is the Pain Truly Worth It? Are There Better Ways of Removing Your Tattoo?
By Ginger Rush

Tattoo laser removal is one of the recommended safe and effective ways to get unwanted ink off of your body however it may not be the best way for you. While this method has proved effective for reducing the amount of color and black in the skin, it is not necessarily the most cost effective method, nor is it the least damaging and painful.

Anyone considering a tattoo laser removal procedure should at the very least expect to pay four hundred to a thousand dollars per session to remove ink, with multiple sessions required. Users of this method should also expect to have at least some permanent scarring in the areas where the ink was deepest, or where a one piece of artwork was covered by another. Lastly, someone getting this procedure should pre-treat the area with topical ointments but avoid using illegal products such as hydroquinone, or dangerous ingredients like trichloroacetic acid.

Other less expensive methods exist including over the counter skin lighteners, however these are only effective to the extent they penetrate the surface. Given that most tattoos were designed to endure a long period of time, and as a result were injected well below the surface, one should naturally expect that any truly effective procedure will have to penetrate the skin to the same depth as the ink originally injected.

One way to improve the results of a tattoo laser removal procedure is to prepare the skin using one of the topical ointments. This reduces the scarring of the skin during the burning off process and can reduce the overall number of sessions needed to reduce the ink and color level to an acceptable level.

Most patients are satisfied with the ultimate result of a tattoo laser removal however they usually have been made well aware of the pain, cost, and scarring limitations associated with the procedure.

One thing many laser tattoo removal patients do not find out however is that other more cost effective methods exist. While the pain involved with methods such as a tattoo removal rejuvi method may be similar or slightly less than a laser removal, the rejuvi method costs significantly less.

No one wants to be in the situation where they have to get rid of unwanted ink, but if you've got a name or other artwork on your body that simply must go, consider a tattoo ink removal method that is likely to be less painful, less expensive, and equally effective.

Ginger Rush

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