Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rave Store Rages On!

Have your rave store supplies of energy all dried up??? I'm sorry honey! Although the sun hasn't been out much this summer the daytime is VASTLY over-rated, know what I'm saying peoples? I promised you earlier this year I was going to grind it up on the dance floor until I dropped and now that we've got some heat finally coming our way maybe... just maybe my own rave store of energy will be vanquished!

Prepare to Rave - Store Up Your Energy and Dance 'Til Dawn
By Ginger Rush

Dancing 'til dawn will be all the rage again this summer and at least one rave store will be dancing all the way to the bank. Raves are all night dance parties held at underground clubs where the action gets hot and heavy pretty much until the bodies collapse, spent on the floor. If you ever wondered why energy drinks are on every other ad on the TV you can bet that these underground dance parties have much to do with it. Your best bet to last all night is, before you go to your rave, store up some energy and plan on a long night. A typical dance club will have a lot of open space, typically lit only with black lights, spots and strobes and the music will be loud with a heavy beat.

As the action gets hot this summer the competition to shine individually will get even more intense as everyone tries to stand out against the dark. Some go with a Gothic look, others go with a techno look, but whatever the fashion is, you know one rave store or another will be there to supply the latest style. Personally I'm torn between the flashy Techno look and the Gothic look. Techno has the great curve revealing fashions while Gothic is more mystical with lace and ruffles. Whichever look I go with lately I'm always finding a pair of fashion mirrored contact lenses to go with it. I like the pink when I go Gothic, I go with the blue when I'm techno. Either way I love the way the mirrored contact lenses fluoresce in the dark light.

I look forward to seeing all of you out on the dance floor this summer, with whatever hot look suits you.

Ginger Rush | Whether you're looking for complete ensembles or separates our rave store selections can help. Don't forget to pick out a pair of mirrored contact lenses to really stand out in the heat of the night.

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Rock the night peeple!

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