Saturday, April 25, 2009

Now This Place Has a Rave Store Look

Now This Is What I Want from My Rave Store
Finally a Rave Store with a little bit of everything! Don't they know we want to match but mix? I want to be comfortable when I party but I still want to look like UNHH! ya know? When I party I need to be able to MOVE, and when I move people better be watchin', get me? I mean now THIS is a cool outfit but I still look hot in it, ya know? If I need a little lingerie piece or something fishnet I'm so covered here. I can even get sexy costumes if I need something special.

Lately my wardrobe has had to stay in the closet with the lack of stuff goin' on right now but things are starting to liven up and I'm excited about the summer. The time to rave - store your energy no more is finally here for me. I hope the parties are raging wherever you are tonight.

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